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VOLTERIO’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility with a revolutionary, cost-effective, automatic robotic charging system. Volterio’s ecosystem of AC/DC robots for home and public charging increases EV adoption, enables new revenue streams while providing a superior customer charging experience.
Volterio provides a fully automated AC/DC charging experience
Volterio Home Charging

How it works

The VOLTERIO Charging Robot operates through a two-unit system: a vehicle unit attached to the vehicle’s underbody and a ground unit (charging robot) situated in the designated charging area. It does not only enable fully automated AC charging but also allows public DC Supercharging with the PRO system for highest charging speeds.
Charging was never that simple – park and go


Utilizing a precise low frequency positioning system, the vehicle is parked roughly above the ground unit for charging. Once the positioning is confirmed within the working area of the robot, the ground unit seamlessly connects to the vehicle via a high-quality conductive connection, initiating the charging process. Automated disconnection is facilitated either upon request or immediately after the completion of the charging process.
The best charging experience is to have no experience
Volterio Home Charging


The Volterio system allows AC- or AC/DC combined charging trough a revolutionary 360° self-centering connector which is based on current charging standards. The Volterio connector works analogous to Typ2 / CCS Combo 2 or NACS and connects the same lines.
The new standard for automated EV charging

Ground Unit

Vehicle Unit


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Volterio Home Charging
Volterio Home Charging

Additional benefits

If you are an OEM or Tier-1 that also wants to collaborate or license our technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.