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Robot for Public Charging
Seamless Integration
AC Destination- or DC Supercharging

Volterio PRO

The Volterio PRO charging robot is flush and seamlessly integrated into the surroundings – ideal for urban areas or charging parks.

The system is fully compatible with the home charging robot and does not only support AC charging but also DC Supercharging with the highest possible charging speeds. The maximum DC transfer power is only limited by the charging infrastructure or the maximum supported charging speed of the vehicle (up to 400 A @800 V)

The Volterio PRO completes Volterio’s charging ecosystem

How it works
for AC or DC

The Volterio PRO system works either with AC or DC. The AC-variant has the full wallbox functionality integrated and is equipped with Volterio’s AC-Connector. This is ideal for city environments whereas the entire charging system is inconspicuous. Alternatively, the Volterio PRO (DC) can be connected to any DC Supercharging station and is equipped with Volterio’s high-power DC-Connector with up to 400 A @800V.

Both variants are compatible with the AC/DC Combined Vehicle Unit analogous to Typ2 and CCS Combo 2.

Utilizing the same precise LF positioning system, the vehicle is parked roughly above the ground unit for charging. Once the positioning is confirmed, the robust cover is lifted and the ground unit seamlessly connects to the vehicle via a parallel kinematic robot, initiating the charging process. The entire payment process is automated as well.
Volterio PRO is the perfect solution for automated AC or DC public charging
Volterio Public Super Charging

Designed for toughest conditions

The Volterio PRO system is flush installed in the parking space. It can withstand various road users from light vehicles to heavy duty trucks, as the entire robot is perfectly protected by a robust cover plate similar to manhole covers. No sensitive components such as contacts are exposed to the environment. The system can even withstand any kind of heavy impacts, street sweepers or snow clearing.
No vandalism at charging cables or plugs anymore

Proven in a real-world environment

The system works under all environmental conditions – heavy rain, dirt, debris, gravel, salt or even snow does not affect the performance. An additional small heating element (~10 W) inside the robot keeps the robot free of ice and snow.
The Volterio PRO is intensively tested by an entire fleet of vehicles under all weather conditions on a daily bases
Volterio Public Charging
If you are an OEM or Tier-1 that also wants to collaborate or license our technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.